By These Ten Bones

By These Ten Bones There s hidden places all over this land old old places Places with a chain for them to chain up the wolf when it s time A bone chilling tale of werewolves and love set in medieval ScotlandA mysteri

  • Title: By These Ten Bones
  • Author: Clare B. Dunkle
  • ISBN: 9780805074963
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Hardcover
  • There s hidden places all over this land old, old places Places with a chain for them to chain up the wolf when it s time.A bone chilling tale of werewolves and love, set in medieval ScotlandA mysterious young man has come to a small Highland town His talent for wood carving soon wins the admiration of the weaver s daughter, Maddie Fascinated by the silent carver, she sThere s hidden places all over this land old, old places Places with a chain for them to chain up the wolf when it s time.A bone chilling tale of werewolves and love, set in medieval ScotlandA mysterious young man has come to a small Highland town His talent for wood carving soon wins the admiration of the weaver s daughter, Maddie Fascinated by the silent carver, she sets out to gain his trust, only to find herself drawn into a terrifying secret that threatens everything she loves.There is an evil presence in the carver s life that cannot be controlled, and Maddie watches her town fall under a shadow One by one, people begin to die Caught in the middle, Maddie must decide what matters most to her and what price she is willing to pay to keep it.

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    One thought on “By These Ten Bones”

    1. ****1/2I loved this little werewolf book. Clare Dunkle has a wonderful way of evoking the dark past with her rich tales of ghosts, goblins and werewolves.By These Ten Bones made me think of a scary tale told by the campfire. Yet it’s also so rich in atmosphere, describing the creepy, Scottish landscape. I could feel the misty fog and smell the smoky peat. In fact, the spookiness is the best part of the book, reminding me a little bit of The Woman in Black, yet much simpler to read. Not that I [...]

    2. For romance, 3 stars. For horror, 5 stars. This is a spine-chilling romance for young adults, set in the highlands of Scotland in the Middle Ages. It's told in third person: "Your shadow," Maddie stammered, pointing to the ground behind him. "It moved. Moved by itself. I saw it."In this book, werewolves are malevolent shadowy parasites that manifest into something even more dreadful under a full moon. Not sexy. Some of the superstitious villagers are also malevolent (at times), lending historica [...]

    3. Wonderfully atmospheric YA story. Good writing that set the mood of medieval Scotland, with descriptions that were well drawn and evocative. Our heroine Maddie was a type I particularly like (especially in a YA novel): not particularily beautiful or a "super-speschul snowflake"; often anxious and filled with doubts about what she could do - but in the end she finds her confidence and proves her worth.Although there are some semi-graphic descriptions of bloody maulings and werewolves, otherwise t [...]

    4. 3.5/5Remember this: there’s more than one kind of strength.A YA fairytale that takes an interesting look at monsters, human nature and how the two intersect. It's set in medieval Scotland, but the world of the novel is not a particularly expanded one, which diminished my enjoyment of the book some. Though, overall, I had a really fun time reading this. It's a really good read-in-one-sitting book.

    5. The story was not as intricate as I would have liked, but the gothic atmosphere was appealing, and I liked Maddie and Carver/Paul's characters. I also liked the message about sacrificial love. Overall rating: 3.5/5.0 stars.Reviewed for Bitten by Books. bittenbybooks.

    6. When I first saw this book I was pulled in by the cover. It was so dark and the way the woman’s head is thrown back in ecstasy was just gripping. I immediately picked it up, read the synopsis, decided I HAD to have it, and promptly bought it. I am so glad I did. It has to be the best paranormal related book I have read since Sunshine by Robin McKinley. I immediately fell in love. I’d even go as far as to say that this is my favorite werewolf book, hands down. This book was rich with historic [...]

    7. This is the third book I've read by Clare B. Dunkle, and I've really enjoyed them all. What's more, they've all been really, incredibly different books. The Sky Inside is a dystopian future scifi about a boy who leaves his domed world to find the truth. The House of Dead Maids is a seriously freaky prequel to Wuthering Heights that explains how Heathcliff is adopted by Catherine's dad. And this book is a werewolve-ish (he's like no other werewolf I've read about) romance-ish story set in probabl [...]

    8. Our main character Maddie is an older teenage girl living in a small village located in Scotland. A beautiful girl in a beautiful country. Maddie lives her life as the weavers daughter, cleaning,cooking, and spinning yarn, while also taking care of an old village woman named Lady Mary. All until one day two travelers visit her village,and the young traveler around her age catches her eye. He's tall,with some muscle but, weak with shiny black raven hair. Although he's not normal, never talks, eye [...]

    9. This werewolf tale tells the story of Paul who was bitten by and becomes a werewolf, and Maddie, the girl who learns his secret and loves him enough to try and cure him. This is a rather spare tale, with a lot of characters who act in ways that aren’t always explained. For instance, Paul’s traveling companion is pressed into work by one of the townsmen – he’s literally chained up and forced to assist with the harvest. The explanation given is that the townsman is sick of seeing him laze [...]

    10. BY THESE TEN BONES (BTTB) was an enjoyable read, though I admit that I had a few issues with the novel. If anything, it has more to do with the manuscript's age and what was accepted by agents and publishers back then. But first, let's focus on the good, shall we?Clare knows how to make generally likable, strong heroines. She also knows how to weave an interesting plot and write vividly beautiful descriptions. I think that these two elements alone encouraged me to continue reading this novel.Thi [...]

    11. I love the book! I mean, seriously! It's great! The plot, the twist, the love story everything is great and well-written! When I finished reading the book, I was like "That's it? I want more!". I also found the characters that I despised at first, turned out to be really good natured people. The only thing that I think the story lacked was a little more of romance. I mean, I'd really like to read a scene where the two of them would kiss even at the ending, that would be fine. I just want to see [...]

    12. I've read other things by Dunkle before (The Hollow Kingdom, The House of Dead Maids), and one of the things I really like about her is that she seems willing to confront the darker aspects, the things that make you uncomfortable. This is something I've come to associate with her, and I really do like it. But another thing I've come to associate with Dunkle is stories that come so close to making me feel the need to push them into everybody's hands, but not quite making it. This was true of By [...]

    13. Reviewed by Lori @ Romancing the Darkside:romancingthedarkside.Not your usual young adult paranormal romance!Set in the Highlands of Medieval Scottland, Maddie is the young daughter of weaver in a small village. She lives a quiet but happy life in her tight knit community and hopes to one day get married and start a family of her own. While out in the town one day, Maddie encounters a good looking young man who happens to be a very talented carver. Although their encounter is brief, Maddie finds [...]

    14. 3.5 starsWhen a mysterious mute, wood carver visits Maddie's village, she can't help but be drawn to him. Getting his attention is going to be harder than Maddie realizes. After her village has given up on him and deemed him an idiot, Maddie can't help herself and she wants to know more about him. Not one for words, this piercing green eyed, angst stranger isn't willing to give away his secrets. After a turn of events and an attack from an evil shadow like creature, Carver, as Maddie calls him, [...]

    15. Maddie lives in a small town in the Scottish Highlands during the Middle Ages. It is very rare for strangers to visit the town; a couple of times a year, traveling merchants might come by with their wares. One such group of travelers includes a mysterious young man who is extremely talented at woodcarving. Maddie is immediately drawn to the stranger, and he to her. But then strange things begin to happen in the village. The young carver is attacked, and Maddie thinks she saw and heard the monste [...]

    16. Maddie lives in a small village in Scotland, where the people call themselves Christians but older traditions still have a strong hold. At the market, she meets a silent boy who carves wood. She's instantly drawn to him. And that's before he ever talks to her. Then an evil presence raids the village and Carver is hurt.Clare B. Dunkle's language is simple and direct, most of the time. She becomes more romantic when describing environments, but never reaches purple. Her choice of diction is well-s [...]

    17. Why I read this: I've loved the two novels I've read by Clare and had to give this one a shot.Plot: Set back in history, Maddie lives in a time where women are burned or hung for being witches, where people still believe magic is a live. When a traveler comes to town, she falls in love for the first time, but there's a secret surrounding his appearance, involving the death of a few villagers. Maddie will have to decide how much she will risk for love.There were some scenes in the novel that are [...]

    18. When I was given the opportunity to read BY THESE TEN BONES by Clare B. Dunkle I jumped at the chance. It was not the first novel that I have read by this author so I was intrigued.This story centers on Maddie, a curious young girl who lives in a small Scottish village that one day is visited by a traveler and his mute companion, Paul. It is not long before a dark shadow falls about the village and bad things begin to happen. Paul is gravely injured by a creature one night and while he is on the [...]

    19. Dunkle has a gift for tackling darker themes in folklore while still keeping a thread of sweetness permeating her stories. I overcame my initial flinch away from things Scottish (I blame the sighting of too many lurid Highlander romance titles) and settled into a simple yet lush tale of Maddie, the weaver's daughter who's the only person that a traveling wood-carver will talk to. And so she learns his secretI loved the evocation of a medieval Scottish village, where men have to work the fields d [...]

    20. For the majority of this book, I wasn't sure I liked it. I didn't even know if I wanted to finish reading it.I picked it up because I really loved Clare Dunkle's "Hollow Kingdom" trilogy. But this book was very different in style, tone, settingeverything. The inhabitants and setting of a tiny, mud-covered Scottish hamlet in the dark or middle ages were so realistically drawn that it was almost grosse foul smells, the animals nearly sleeping in the beds, nobody ever washing. I know that's what li [...]

    21. this was a nice short read, and covered a bit of scottish folklore and religious superstition way back when real men still wore kilts. it's set in a small isolated town on the shore of a scottish loch (so there's got to be some really good monster story here). it's Werewolves: the Scottish Edition. pretty cool. it kind of reminds my of My Swordhand is Singng by Marcus Sedgwick--an old, often untold story of scary creatures, a small, isolated population, and dreary climate. great fireplace-on-a-c [...]

    22. This was such an adorable fairytale type story. My friend has been wanting me to read this book for years and I'm so glad I finally picked it up. It was certainly nothing I was expecting, which almost made it even better. I don't really even have that much to say about it except that it was really good, seeing the way that Maddie and Paul/Carver cared about each other just made my heart melt, and I think this would make a really good movie.

    23. This is a unique take on the werewolf legend, set in a well-realized medieval Scottish landscape. Dunkle's tendency to "tell" rather than "show" is still very much in evidence here, and the ending was a bit predictable, but it's a good, fast adventure with a real sense of menace.

    24. This was not a great follow-up to my Hollow Kingdom high I had been on. I guess I didn't really enjoy the world as much. It felt more thrown together than well crafted. I do recommend the Hollow Kingdom, and still think I would try another book from this author, but this wasn't my favorite.

    25. What happens when you fall in love with a werewolf? Takes place in Scotland. Full of nice plot twists and a great heroine.

    26. This book was only alright to me. It was veryI'm not sure if I even have the right words to describe it, but distant is the best I can come up with. You are in a first person view but you never really get to feel anything. Things are being described, but I felt no attachment or meaning behind them, so I couldn't get really into the story.

    27. Werewolves have always intrigued me, and this book has a fresh take on the myth that I really enjoyed. For such a short tale, there’s a lot of important messages regarding humanity contained within the pages. I especially liked Maddie’s observations on how people she had known her entire life became unrecognizable during the “witch hunt.” She never wavered in her convictions to do the right thing and I admire her bravery. If you’re in the mood for something dark, but still want a happy [...]

    28. This was a new twist on the werewolf. Despite being predictable, it was very well written and kept me reading until the end.

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