Sailor Moon, Vol. 1

Sailor Moon Vol Librarian s note There is an Alternate Cover Edition for this edition of this book here One of the most beloved of all Japanese manga titles Naoko Takeuchi s Sailor Moon has enthralled millions of re

  • Title: Sailor Moon, Vol. 1
  • Author: Naoko Takeuchi
  • ISBN: 9781892213013
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Paperback
  • Librarian s note There is an Alternate Cover Edition for this edition of this book here.One of the most beloved of all Japanese manga titles, Naoko Takeuchi s Sailor Moon has enthralled millions of readers worldwide since its debut in book form in early 1992 When Usagi Tsukino adopts a stray cat, she gets than she bargains for The talking cat, Luna, informs Usagi thLibrarian s note There is an Alternate Cover Edition for this edition of this book here.One of the most beloved of all Japanese manga titles, Naoko Takeuchi s Sailor Moon has enthralled millions of readers worldwide since its debut in book form in early 1992 When Usagi Tsukino adopts a stray cat, she gets than she bargains for The talking cat, Luna, informs Usagi that she is actually Sailor Moon, a magical princess from the future and protector of the Solar System With the help of her new friends, the Sailor Scouts, and the mysterious Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon embarks on a quest to save us all from the evil powers of the Negaverse.

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      471 Naoko Takeuchi
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    One thought on “Sailor Moon, Vol. 1”

    1. This is the one true original manga/anime. For me, at least.This is what started it all. I remember being six and running downstairs at seven o'clock on a Saturday morning to turn on Fox Kids and watch this with my sister, who must have been something like eight at the time. Now it's however many hundreds of years later, and I remain a fan. A more mature one, I'll admit, and one that understands the later themes a lot better, but still, a fan all the same.Sailor Moon is one of those animes/manga [...]

    2. The nostalgia is so real. I'm reading the '98 English translation versions because that is what I grew up with. So as I re-read this, essentially all of them will be 5-star because 7 year old Lainey won't allow me to rate them any less.

    3. Sailor Moon without a doubt made most of my childhood sparkle. I remember dressing up as Tuxedo Mask for Halloween one time and praying for a magica girl to serenade (hello, high school sexuality problems). I also remember acting out the transformation sequences with all of the merchandise I was able purchase with my measly allowance. Everything was just so colourful and magic; more than anything I wanted to be a badass Sailor Scout. I'm not really able to critique Sailor Moon exactly because it [...]

    4. I watched Sailor Moon right when I returned from Hungary to live in the post-war Bosnia. We didn't have electricity so my father would start up the electricity generator so that sis and I could watch Sailor Moon. I've seen the German, dubbed version and I think they did a great job. Sailor Moon was called Bunny and it sounds OK to me even now, so many years later. Apart from teaching me right from wrong, it was a really well done anime perfectly suitable for little girls: romance, friendship, fi [...]

    5. Reading Sailor Moon takes me way back! Born in the Nineties, most girls (and even some guys) in my generation was into either The Powerpuff Girls, The Winx Club or Sailor Moon. I was definitely a Sailor Moon fan, but I had no idea that there was a whole graphic novel series! It's from 1992, it's old - now I feel old because the last time I even watched Sailor Moon I was four years old, in 2001 - wow, this is nostalgic. Anyway, amazing book, I'll definitely be reading the rest in the series. :)

    6. Review for complete seriesSailor Moon is a fundamental series of manga. Most manga fans and readers will have read it or at the very least be familiar with the character and plot. I was one of those who did not grow up with Sailor Moon; I never really saw the anime episodes and by the time I started to read the manga the Sailor Moon series was long out of print. Nonetheless, I had an idea of what the series was about, the characters and of course the fact that it was famous and very popular. By [...]

    7. I got all 11 Sailor Moon books in the mail on the 14th, and when i was finally able get around to reading them, I devowered them. I loved every moment of every single book. It was just as good, if not better than the anime. Though, everytime I saw "In the name of the moon, you're punished," I read it as "On behalf of the moon, I will punish you!" Ah, good ol' Sailor Moon! Plus, the theme song is one of my all time favorite theme songs. Now, if they could coordinate playing the theme song when yo [...]

    8. Story: Who does not love/want to be a young girl that one day out of the blue discovers you have magical powers and are going to fight the forces of evil to help the world? I know I certainly did! Serena, a somewhat whiny and dim witted girl is able to transform herself into Sailor Moon and along with the help of her friends is able to fight Queen Beryl and the rest of the goons. She also sparks up a love interest with Darien, a much older and smarter guy who seems miles out of her league! There [...]

    9. People on this site seem to have a real love/hate relationship with Sailor Moon. Personally, I've always been a fan. I watched the DIC dubbed anime when I was a kid, a few years ago I picked up the English subbed one to experience it in a new manner, and now that I am introducing to my 6 year old daughter, I picked up a few volumes of the manga. For nostalgia purposes. The art is beautiful, the story is as fun as I remembered, and the characters are loveable. It's a great fast read.

    10. God!! it reminds me when I was young! a little girl who's fan of Usagi . I remember watching this manga series and everytime when Usagi goes in a mission or when she fights I act like her. Moving just like her hoping my clothes will change. Ah!! I really miss those days. So that's why I decided to read this series to remember my childhood's days. to refresh my memory 😍😍 Moon Prism Power

    11. Es el primer manga que leo. Creo que voy a llorar de la emoción jaja De pequeña veía el anime, lo adoraba, de hecho poco a poco estoy volviendo a verlo porque me pudo la nostalgia, ¡y cómo estoy disfrutando de ello! Este primer tomo me ha encantado, hay cosas que la serie calcó del manga, otras que son un poco distintas, pero yo estoy más que encantada. He disfrutado como una enana, me lo he leído en un día y quiero más. Es verdad que hay cosas que suceden más repentinamente, pero vam [...]

    12. ENJOYMENT SECTION: 8/10 Ah, good ol’ pretty sailor warriors! Despite being the series most other mahou shoujo copied thereafter, it remains in the tops because very few managed to have its variety and vividness. Plus, I like it tooT SECTION: 7/10 [Bishoujos in Sailor Suits.] Following the trend, the artwork is extremely shoujo, that means very breezy sketches and loose borders between frames. It looks very amateurish in the first part but along the way it improves considerably and towards the [...]

    13. Desde niña vi Sailor Moon, incluso llegué a leer un par de cómics (herencia afortunada de mis hermanas mayores). Así que desde cuando tenía ganas de leer el manga.Y debo decir que me fascinó: Usagi es una chica llorona y floja que reniega de tener que pelear, pero acepta su destino. Es una niña de 14 años que siente miedo, como todos: pero pese a ello, se intenta armar de valor y luchar. Es una lectura amena, divertida y entrañable.

    14. Lektura zdecydowanie sentymentalna. Warto czasem wrócić do tytułów z dzieciństwa, nie tylko na nowo odkryć nieco już zapomniane historie ale też po prostu się zrelaksować. :)Polskie wydanie niestety nie było idealne, ale te niedociągnięcia w tłumaczeniu przywołują raczej uśmiech na twarzy i pokazują tylko, jak bardzo zmieniła się jakość wydań w naszym kraju.Bardzo boli jednak sposób wydania - pomimo, że jest to manga czyta się standardowo jak polską książkę - od lew [...]

    15. Powrót do dzieciństwa tak bardzo! Ocena nie może być inna <3Zapomniałam już, jak to jest pięknie narysowane.

    16. So, like, a one point, she uses her moon tiara to BEHEAD A DEMON. What the fuck.I really need to read more of the series. Since I saw (most of) the first season of Crystal before reading this, most of it was familiar already. The surprising parts are the no-nonsense, bloodless violence.Wherein the MONSTER OF THE WEEK IS BEHEADED while crumbling to dust.And like, Mars seems to straight up vaporize one of the dudes that Berryl is controlling?? I don't even.I'm kinda bummed that the english version [...]

    17. I reread this to avoid comfort eating while i was upset after breaking up with my boyfriend last week. I couldn't get enough of this in seventh grade, but rereading this 8 years later isn't quite the same. Its a little silly, repetitive, but enjoyable none the less. Definitely an excellent mindless read, especially when stressed (and healthier than eating a package of oreos!). :)

    18. I read all the volumes of Sailor Moon when it was released to us in English. This series was a huge love of my life years ago, and it still makes me nostalgic and happy to return to it.忘れないわ, セーラームーン.

    19. prima parte a mio parere un po noiosetta perché l'ho vista alla nausea nel anime 😅 dopo inizia a diventare più interessante, spero che i manga si concentrino anche sulla vita delle altre sailor e non solo su usagi.

    20. I really enjoyed this book, though it was hard to follow because they smushed all the panels together. I really liked the story and Luna!

    21. I've been a Sailor Moon fan since I was four or five years old. I still am, at almost twenty five. The art is so cute and pretty, and the characters are adorable, each in their own way.

    22. I love the art style of this manga and I really enjoyed the story. Usagi really irritated me in the first half but she got better as she got used to what she was doing. I live for Tuxedo Mask.

    23. The first volume of the Sailor Moon manga introduces you to Bunny, a 14-year old junior high student who actually turns out to be a powerful soldier, or Sailor Scout, whose mission it is to protect the area around her from evil creatures/demons. The first book also introduces you to several other scouts, as well as Tuxedo Mask (her mysterious, masked protector and romantic interest), and sets up the plot for the next several books.Being a rabid Sailor Moon fan for most of my life, I of course en [...]

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