Beyond Band of Brothers: The War Memoirs of Major Dick Winters

Beyond Band of Brothers The War Memoirs of Major Dick Winters They were called Easy Company but their mission was never easy Immortalized as the Band of Brothers they suffered % casualties while liberating Europe an unparalleled record of bravery under fire

  • Title: Beyond Band of Brothers: The War Memoirs of Major Dick Winters
  • Author: Dick Winters Cole C. Kingseed
  • ISBN: 9780425208137
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Hardcover
  • They were called Easy Company but their mission was never easy Immortalized as the Band of Brothers, they suffered 150% casualties while liberating Europe an unparalleled record of bravery under fire Dick Winters was their commander the best combat leader in World War II to his men This is his story told in his own words for the first time.On D Day, Dick Winters paraThey were called Easy Company but their mission was never easy.Immortalized as the Band of Brothers, they suffered 150% casualties while liberating Europe an unparalleled record of bravery under fire Dick Winters was their commander the best combat leader in World War II to his men This is his story told in his own words for the first time.On D Day, Dick Winters parachuted into France and assumed leadership of the Band of Brothers when their commander was killed He led them through the Battle of the Bulge and into Germany, by which time each member had been wounded They liberated an S.S death camp from the horrors of the Holocaust and captured Berchtesgaden, Hitler s alpine retreat After briefly serving during the Korean War, Winters was a highly successful businessman Made famous by Stephen Ambrose s book Band of Brothers and the subsequent award winning HBO miniseries he is the object of worldwide adulation, Beyond Band of Brothers is Winters s memoir based on his wartime diary but it also includes his comrades untold stories Virtually all this material is being released for the first time Only Winters was present from the activation of Easy Company until the war s end Winner of the Distinguished Service Cross, only he could pen this moving tribute to the human spirit.

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    1. Major Dick Winters was a diligent soldier, caring humanitarian and just who you'd want to lead a troop of men into the worst of war zones. He is most well-known from Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks' World War II miniseries Band of Brothers, which dramatized the valiant efforts of Easy Company, 2nd Battalion of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division from D-Day through to the end of the European stage of the war. Major Winters' memoir takes a brief glance at his youth [...]

    2. I am a huge fan of Band of Brothers. That is why I was so excited about this book. It was a bit of a let down for three basic reasons.1. It is obvious he is not a writer. I can't fault him for that.2. He did not really get into much detail as to what he did during the war.3. He is a very humble person, that is very obvious. But he talks too much about how humble he is to the point of he doesn't seem humble. I think this relates back to the first point.If you enjoyed Band of Brothers, this is a n [...]

    3. I really enjoyed reading the story of Easy Company through Major Winter's eyes. I can see why other people think he has false modesty, but I thought it was good anyway. But how could you write a story about yourself and your role in the war, and NOT tell what other people said about you? I think that was why he felt obliged to always say that he "never thought of himself" as hero. I have never read Band of Brothers, but am a big fan of the movie. I really enjoyed all the details not given in the [...]

    4. I read this during a vacation in France we were able to visit Normandy and had a personal tour of the beaches and the german and American cemetery. It was an extraordinary experience. I already new the Hollywood version of the story from the Band of Brothers mini-series (which I recommend for EVERYONE) but I liked reading the actual story from Major Dick Winters. This man is a humble hero and served with heroes. Whether you want to go into the politics of whether it was the right decision to sen [...]

    5. This is Major Dick Winters' war memoirs. A first hand account of Easy Company (E Company) of the US Army, 101st Airborne as they trained, traveled to England, readied for D-Day and parachuted into Normandy. Winters, as company commander, led his Band of Brothers through Normandy, the Battle of the Bulge and on to capture Berchtesgaden, Hitler's Bavarian retreat at the end of the war. Many people know of "The Band of Brothers" book by Stephen Ambrose and the movie of the same name. This book is D [...]

    6. I am willing to grant, I guess, that Winters was a remarkable leader, but in this ghost-written autobiography he comes across as a sanctimonious prig. He gets leave in Paris then complains that he learns too much about the construction of the Eiffel Tower because it doesn't help him as an infantry officer. He refuses to drink or get laid or do all the things everyone else was doing because he didn;t want to disrespect his unit, his army, his family, his country, etc etc. blah blah, blah.Comparis [...]

    7. Major Dick Winters was a very humble man, and it is a pleasure to read the story of Easy Company in his own words. The writing and narrative are marvelous in this first person account of what it was like to serve in the proud unit. It is almost strictly an account of the military actions of E Company, 506th PIR in World War II, but it does delve more deeply into the personalities making up Easy Company. "Beyond Band of Brothers" shares many stories that were not included in the original book or [...]

    8. As other reviews have said, Winters is not a writer by training; anyone who has seen Band of Brothers remember the typing the scene as he is trying to do after action reports. However, as a complement to Ambrose's book, this memoir serves its purpose. I think it is clear from interviews Winters did prior to his death, he never saw himself as a hero and he was never out to make this story of the Screaming Eagles and Easy Company about him. it was about the men with which he served. He did them ju [...]

    9. If I could only read one book about Band of Brothers, this surprisingly would NOT be it. Though I admire Winters and believe he truly loved the men he served with, I don't think he conveys himself or his story very well in his writing. At times, he even seems to patronize his men. Though it was an interesting read, it is not a book that I would reread or recommend unless you are very interested in Band of Brothers. I would suggest the book by Bill Guarnere and Babe Heffron over this one.

    10. I enjoyed Band of Brothers - the book and HBO mini-series - so I was interested in reading more about Richard Winters and Easy Company. The book held some interesting content particularly the first three chapters before the invasion and the last few chapters detailing life after the war. Some other reflections on decision making as a military leader and on being a leader in general sprinkled throughout the book were also of interest. However, stylisticaly the book is a little boring as both a wa [...]

    11. After reading Band of Brothers by Stephen E. Ambrose and watching the HBO series based on it I gained an even greater respect for the men and women on the front lines, and I was truly fascinated by the courage portrayed by the men of Easy Company and their leader Major Winters. I always found Major Winters to be particularly fascinating and I was curious about how he was able to be so comforting to his men when they needed it and yet so completely unwavering in the face of death. Beyond Band of [...]

    12. I read this for a book club focused on leadership and am inclined to review it in that light. I have not read or watched Band of Brothers, and that plus Winters's very spare prose left me feeling disconnected with the men of Easy Company, beyond the extraordinary nature of their deeds. And although Winters writes from the vantage of a man leading other men into battle on the frontlines of Europe, the book reads more as a set of case studies for a military history course than a compelling narrati [...]

    13. I listened to the audio version of this book. One of the hero’s of the screaming eagles, the famous paratrooper company from World War II. A lot of there fame comes from the HBO mini series Band of Brothers. Dick Winters resells stories and the history of the unit he lead from D Day until he was promoted to a positions overseeing more than just E Company. I really enjoyed this retelling, and this memoir was amazingly similar to the Band of Brothers mini series. That was surprising to me becaus [...]

    14. Dang. And I thought some of my work days were tough. Nothing to complain about compared to this WWII commander and his boys. Anyone who is looking for the definition of a leader will find it in these pages. Lead from the front, Lead by example, Never ask your troops to do something you're unwilling to do yourself. This book is a must for any WWII buff.

    15. Lately I've found myself wanting to read memoirs from World War II because I've spent so much time studying American soldiers during the Vietnam War this past year that I have acquired some tunnel vision when it comes to figuring out what was unique/new about their experiences in comparison to those who served in prior wars. Dick Winters' memoir tells a compelling story of a junior officer who spent his entire military career with 2nd Battalion of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR) of t [...]

    16. War brings out the worst and the best in people. Wars do not make men great, but they do bring out the greatness in good men. War is romantic only to those who are far away from the sounds and turmoil of battle. For those of us who served in Easy Company, and for those who served their country in other theaters, we came back as better men and women as a result of being in combat, and most would do it again if called upon. But each of us hoped that if we had learned anything from the experience i [...]

    17. It's an excellent book! I always like to read books by or about great leaders, and this book is one of them. Major Winters story was first told by Stephen Ambrose in his book, Band of Brothers, and then Winters wrote this book from his own perspective. Winters' Ten Principles for Success, which he called Leadership at the Point of the Bayonet:1. Strive to be a leader of character, competence, and courage.2. Lead from the front. Say, "Follow me!" and then lead the way.3. Stay in top physical shap [...]

    18. Beyond Band of Brothers has so far been a fun and interesting read. It can be difficult to follow or understand at certain points if you don't know or aren't very educated on military termanology and the systems of rankings. What I do like about the book is the in depth detail of Major Winters experiences as a member of his squad Easy Company and the grueling bootcamps and describes all kinds of weaponry. Overall, I have had learned a lot about a subject that I am interested in by reading about [...]

    19. Words cannot explain how much I was waiting from this book. I'm absolutely fascinated for WWII and Major Winter is, undoubtedly, the most intriguing figure could found.I was expecting some transcendental discovery capable of explain why he and his company was so amazing, but this book was so much more! A moving history about how one single man did everything he was capable to achieve impossible tasks in the most difficult time of history of the world.His lessons about leadership will be forever [...]

    20. It is fascinating to follow the history of the famous Easy Company through the eyes of one of its finest. He contributes many personal side stories and comments on personnel. If you have seen HBO's Band of Brothers, many of the combat stories will sound familiar, but I most enjoyed learning what Major Winters drew from the war in terms of wisdom. He was most definitely a confident and inspiring leader.


    22. A riveting tale of the men of Easy Company of 506 PIR seen through the eyes of their company commander. It has got important lessons of leadership, courage in the face of heavy odds and the bond which binds men who have shed blood together

    23. Interesting only if you are a fan of the "Band of Brothers" book or HBO series.The problem is that if you are a fan of either, then you probably know most of what's in the book.HHH

    24. Dick Winters' memoirs offer an insightful complement to the Band of Brothers story. Despite its unsophisticated writing style it provides an interesting, alternative perspective on the events of Easy Company and, in particular, the company's most celebrated commander. For those already familiar with the story of Easy Company, which has been faithfully told in Stephen Ambrose's book and the popular television series, Winters' account is in some ways a rather unimaginative rehash of the same legen [...]

    25. I am glad I read this book because it really was very interesting getting Dick Winters' own perspective on his story, but I came away from it with the basic impression that in this case history is best left to the historians. I felt like reading this book was kind of like watching the director's or actors' commentary version of a movie. More info for the diehard fan, but definitely not an experience equal to the original thing.One tangent that I found interesting: Dick Winters really didn't like [...]

    26. Although Winters' memoir is well-intentioned it reads a little impersonal. He seems reserved, yet focused. However, it is obvious that Winters excels at detailing the battles and tactical maneuvers of Easy Company. For example, on D-Day, when Easy Company's commanding officer is killed, Winters takes charge minutes after landing deep in German territory and leads an assault against a German battery. Winters thoroughly explains the reasoning behind his strategy; inviting the reader along as the C [...]

    27. Beyond Band of Brothers is Dick Winters' account of his experiences with Easy Company, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, in the Second World War. Winters will already be familiar to many readers from his role in Band of Brothers by Steven Ambrose, and in the HBO mini-series Band of Brothers. As one of the last surviving officers of the unit and as custodian of a collection of diaries, letters, and other material, Winters has written his own war memoirs to complete the story of Easy Company. It [...]

    28. I listened to this as an Audible audiobook. The Narrator was competent, though whenever a passage was quoting someone else he put on kind of cringe worthy accents. He faded into the background pretty quickly.This was a decent read as a companion to Band of Brothers which I recently re-visited by watching the HBO Mini Series pretty much straight through on a long overseas trip. It really recounted the events of the series (And obviously reality) pretty much note for note however, with only occasi [...]

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