Crime Partners

Crime Partners Goines s powerful first novel in the Kenyatta series lays bare the bloody brutal world of crime in the black ghetto where as Goines puts it kindness is the sweetest con of all Here is the gutsy and

  • Title: Crime Partners
  • Author: Donald Goines
  • ISBN: 9780870678813
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Paperback
  • Goines s powerful first novel in the Kenyatta series lays bare the bloody, brutal world of crime in the black ghetto where, as Goines puts it, kindness is the sweetest con of all Here is the gutsy and often shocking world of Billy and Jackie, prison buddies on the streets and hot on the trigger.

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    One thought on “Crime Partners”

    1. Good first-novel, with interesting characters and insight. Main complaint is that the ending is rather abrupt; the last 30 pages are a sample from another of the author's books, so I had thought the story was going to go on longer than it did. Without giving too much away, the main characters' plotlines are resolved but there are too many others left hanging. There are two other characters - police counterparts to the titular crime partners - who could have had a bit more to do at the end. While [...]

    2. I first heard about Kenyatta almost 29 years ago. My second born son's grandmother was a Black Panther and it was her idea to give my son the middle name Kenyatta. Crime Partners is an action packed, fast read about the leader (Kenyatta) of a black militant organization and their attempt to clean up the ghetto by getting rid of racist cops and drug dealers by way of street justice. The first chapter of this book had me feeling so many emotions (from endearing, sadness, rage and finally pleasure) [...]

    3. Very quick, fast-moving read that could be an entry in the encyclopedia under "gritty crime noir". We follow a pair of criminals and a pair of cops through a series of murders, some deserved and some not. Besides the fact that the characterizations are terrific, what makes this most interesting is that it's equally sympathetic with the cops and the crooks, and in some ways leans towards the crooks. It's probably because they're somewhat more interesting characters, but we spend more time with th [...]

    4. As I read this book I definitely felt like it was the setup for a series. There was lots of skipping around, and some parts (like the visit to the farm) were unnecessary, and out of place for this story, but I'm guessing will come into play in future novels from this series. The writing was okay, although I paused a bit at grown, hetrosexual men continually referring to each other as "baby". It might be a regional thing, but it's not something I've ever heard where I'm from, especially from gang [...]

    5. The beginning is outstanding. Goines does well when he creates emotional pictures and this one grabs you in the same way 'Black Girl Lost' did for me. I will say the plotline, which I think introduces Kenyatta, is formulaic - but it is a formula I like. Excellent pacing and overall a very good example of Goines writing for the pulp market.I have created a Blaxploitation list if anyone is interested, I think that this one will be below 'White Man's Justice, Black Man's Grief', 'Whoreson', 'Black [...]

    6. A quick read, with some fast-paced action. One can find fault with characters without a redeeming bone in their actions or the tacked-on ending that comes too quick. But if your standards for pulp aren't too high, this is an interesting throwback.

    7. This does lack some of the more polished feel of more established writers but the raw energy of the this book is hard to deny.

    8. I used to work at a bookstore where Goines' books had a weird reputation-- I guess that they were thought of as hood books, and more likely to be stolen than other books, but we also sold enough of them to keep them in stock. But they had an aura of being bad, unreadable, unredeemed, I think in contrast to someone like Chester Himes.This book definitely isn't fun in the way that Himes' books are. Jackie and Billy don't really banter, and there aren't comic characters here, really. Instead, there [...]

    9. Crime Partners by Donald Goines. It was a good book I really enjoyed it. It was about Billy Good and his partner in crime is Jackie Walker. It start off they are hired by Kenyatta to kill some racist police officers. Both Billy and Jackie serve time and they pulled jobs to survive. It also was full action cold-blooded murder mayhem. Both Jackie and Billy found women they ended up fall for and then the trouble being. Kenyatta wanted them to get rid of a drug pusher name Little David little did th [...]

    10. More a novella than a novel, this is the first part of a tetralogy. It's a very angry book: a militant revenge fantasy with "utopian" elements (of a sort) by an African-American ex-con. Given the subject matter- and how the impetus of its acrimony is playing itself out in a very real way in the life of today's America- it's not worth criticizing its substance, style, or structure. I didn't enjoy reading this book (I wasn't supposed to), but somehow I feel compelled to complete the overarching st [...]

    11. I was a little concerned about reading Goines' first book because I've read enough debuts that sucked where the author got into his or her groove as time went on. There is no reason for concern with Crime Partners. The story goes back and forth between to cops buddies and Billy and Jackie and neither part is more interesting than the other. I don't know how he did it but Goines can make ordering pizza fascinating to me. The writing is awesome, like I've always seen so far with his books.

    12. Donald Goines is alway an entertaining author but there really aren't much too his books. They are really to me Louis L'amour stories set in the ghetto instead of the west which lends itself pretty well. But he really wrote to get paid and buy more heroin. They have a limit to how good they are going to be.

    13. This book is as addicting as one of it's main themes, I can almost guarantee you that if you read the first chapter you will not be able to not finish the book, it will punch you in the soul that hard.

    14. this book is a compilation of all of the negative stereotypes that white people believe about African Americans

    15. This book was just ok for me. I read it in a day but it lacked depth. No twists or turns and it ended rather abruptly. Just OK for me.

    16. Part I of a 4-part shot to the mouth. If you can't get through the first 23 pages, the violent world of Goines isn't for you

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