The Beach Hut

The Beach Hut A novel about love loss memory and family relationships It is autumn time and on a peaceful Cornish beach Finn and his sister Ava defy planning regulations and achieve a childhood dream when they

  • Title: The Beach Hut
  • Author: Cassandra Parkin
  • ISBN: 9781910266502
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Paperback
  • A novel about love, loss, memory, and family relationships It is autumn time and on a peaceful Cornish beach, Finn and his sister Ava defy planning regulations and achieve a childhood dream when they build themselves an illegal beach hut This tiny haven will be their home until Ava departs at midwinter for a round the world adventure In the town, local publican Donald isA novel about love, loss, memory, and family relationships It is autumn time and on a peaceful Cornish beach, Finn and his sister Ava defy planning regulations and achieve a childhood dream when they build themselves an illegal beach hut This tiny haven will be their home until Ava departs at midwinter for a round the world adventure In the town, local publican Donald is determined to get rid of them Still mourning the death of his wife, all he wants is a quiet place where he can forget the past and raise his daughter Alicia in safety But Alicia is wrestling with demons of her own As the sunshine fades and winter approaches, the beach hut stirs old memories for everyone Their lives become entwined in surprising ways and the secrets of past and present are finally exposed.

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    One thought on “The Beach Hut”

    1. The Cornish coast is described beautifully and provides a wonderful backdrop for the story. Finn and Ava are siblings and build a beach hut without permission which upsets the local pub landlord, Donald. His daughter Alicia dreams of using it when they leave- even though her dad is desperate to get it removed.The characters are interesting and well drawn and there are plot turns that surprise the reader. Secrets are revealed over the course of the book and the story goes back in time to the past [...]

    2. I received a free digital copy from the author/publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest feedback.Ava and Finn have only ever had each other. For her whole life, Ava has watched out for her little brother Finn and in return, he's always kept her happy and been there when she needs him. Now, the siblings have returned to a childhood holiday beach to live in a tiny beach hut for a few months. Accidentally, they end up annoying Donald and entrancing Donald's daughter Alicia. As all their li [...]

    3. When Finn and Ava arrive in a small coastal town in Cornwall and promptly build an illegal beach hut, they ruffle the feathers of local publican Donald. Living with his daughter Alicia, he is irritated by Finn and Ava's lack of concern for regulations and sets about having the beach hut removed. Alicia however loves the the beach hut and dreams of escaping there once Finn and Ava leave, and they have promised to be gone by Midwinter. As their four lives intersect, secrets of the past are reveale [...]

    4. Two strands of story with one predominant location, a beach which has enormous meaning in the lives of a brother and sister who always dreamed of living in a hut on the dunes. The sea is the breath of the book, the soundtrack to the story of Ava and Finn, who visit the beach in Cornwall when they are children and it has an enormous impact on them. They return regularly over the ensuing years, until it becomes the only place they can conceive of being when their lives are irrevocably changed by a [...]

    5. This is a really hard book to review as I was really torn all the way through the book as to whether it's a three or four star read. The book is very well written with an intriguing story line, I did enjoy reading it but I can't say that I loved it.The story flicks between present and past and also as Finn the brother is a writer, there is also some story telling in there, which as magical as it was to read, it kept throwing me when I was reading those parts.The relationship between brother an s [...]

    6. I thought this book was absolutely stunning. I'd never read any books by this author but this certainly won't be the last. The main characters are Ava and Finn, brother and sister who have a strong bond that we are introduced to in the opening chapter. Ava and Finn set up a Beach Hut (illegally) to live in for a couple of months. Donald the local landlord has a dark past and we soon learn that his daughter Alicia has some dark secrets of her own. This is a book about family ties, fairy tales and [...]

    7. Contrary to it's name, this is no light, refreshing beach read. Hidden secrets slowly unfold (a little too slowly for me at times), intermingled with flashback and fairytales makes this a rather complex read. All the threads slowly come together for dramatic twists by the end.Don't be mistaken, this is an emotional ride for the reader. However, for this reader, the journey branched out in too many places that I found it difficult to reconcile. However, it is well written, thoughtful and authenti [...]

    8. received this book as part of Good Reads First ReadsThis book is about Finn and Ava , a very close brother and sister who decide to build a beach hut on a Cornish coast. Despite saying they will be gone by Midwinter they gain the annoyance of pub landlord Donald. He lives with his daughter Alicia, but whilst she loves the beach hut and dreams of living there, her father is adamant the beach hut should go as it has not had the proper planning regulations.These 4 lives entwine, secrets are reveale [...]

    9. I received this book for free through First reads giveaway.The book has a fascinating plot with plenty of twists and secrets which emerge throughout the book. The main characters are realistic and likeable. The writing is beautiful.However I found the book didn't flow particularly well. It made sense eventually. Even with the chapter breaks suggesting the different times it still did not read well for me. For me a book has to really get me involved but unfortunately I found that it did not natu [...]

    10. Enjoyed reading this book. Loved the brother and sister duo. There was so much said in the unsaid, it really pulled at my heartstrings.

    11. I love fairy tales. I love the dark mystique of the original ones, from Grimm and Anderson, pre-Disney. Parkin must love fairy tales as well, because they are intertwined all throughout the narrative; new fairy tales that capture that strange eeriness of those age-old tales. This is a very interesting story, which wends and winds its way through different people's lives; dipping back to their past and through to the present. The characters are amazingly real; so much so that I feel as if I have [...]

    12. When they were children, Ava and Finn used to come to the beach with their parents. Thirty-something years later, they return to that magical place of boundless adventure and hidden dangers to spend a couple of months in a beach hut. There's a time limit to their stint of carefree living though, and it's not because local pub owner Donald, whose teenage daughter Alicia befriends the newcomers, is doing his best to have them evicted from community grounds.Like with Cassandra Parkin's debut novel [...]

    13. Much like her previous novel, The Beach Hut is set in the past and the present, in almost alternating chapters. In the present, in a Cornish seaside town, siblings Finn and Ava have built an illegal beach hut to live in temporarily, angering local publican Donald. Donald is mourning the death of his wife, and struggling with his teenage daughter Alicia. Every character has secrets, some darker than others, which are all slowly revealed in the present and the past.This is a book about the differe [...]

    14. A really mesmerising book, definitely not to be confused with a chick-lit beach saga! I could not put it down.Finn and Ava are the mysterious but close brother and sister with a past, who build an illegal beach hut in an old childhood haunt. Donald is widowed and runs a pub in this close-knit town and still feels like an outsider. His teenage daughter Alicia has just started to become more distant from him. They both have secrets they are hiding from each other, which will devastate their world. [...]

    15. It’s hard to put into words what I thought of Cassandra Parkin’s The Beach Hut. It isn’t because it was a particularly bad book or a particularly good book. It’s just… a strangely interesting book. And I can’t quite figure out what made it so good.It’s hard to figure out who the Main Character(s) are. The story starts out focusing on siblings Ava and Finn, years ago. And then it switches to father and daughter Donald and Alicia, present day. Ava and Finn appear quickly in Donald an [...]

    16. Full review now up on the blog: thewritinggreyhound/I really enjoyed this book. It's that kind of fluid contemporary fiction that doesn't really slot neatly into a specific genre, and the story is all the better for that. The overarching themes in The Beach Hut are love, loss and family - at times it's touching and bittersweet, at other points it's funny as Finn and Ava fondly relive their childhood memories.We are treated to several different narrators throughout the course of the book. In theo [...]

    17. This a great book and quite unexpectedly different plot. The story starts with Ava and Finn, sister and brother, on the beach in Cornwall in their childhood. Finn nearly drowns and Ava rescues him. Their parents don't even notice so Ava is determined to always look after her brother no matter what. We then meet Donald and his 15 year old daughter Alicia who, in the present day, live in the same beach town in Cornwall. Ava and Finn turn up, now middle aged, in a hippy camper van. The story moves [...]

    18. I'm not sure what I thought about this book, even after having a think about it. I can't say I loved it, but I didn't hate it either. I'm neutral on it.When I read the blurb on Netgalley, I thought it sounded brilliant. However, this book just wasn't for me. That's not to say the book was bad, just that I didn't enjoy it as much as others will. The Beach Hut is wonderfully written in a way that will keep you hooked from start to finish. The element of mystery will keep you reading in the hope to [...]

    19. The Beach Hut Cassandra ParkinWhat an amazing book, centred around Ava and Finn's illegal beach hut, it has it all. I loved the compelling story of the different relationships, secrets discovered and past lives revealed. Finn in a likeable and somewhat childlike way continuously inventing his fantasies whilst writing his fairy stories – being rescued and taken care of many times throughout his life by Ava. So beautifully written, it is in turn humorous, intriguing and heartbreaking. I will def [...]

    20. What a beautiful story! The lives of Finn, Ava, Donald and Alicia are skillfully woven together around the gorgeous backdrop of the Cornish coast. At some points I could smell the salt and it has given me a deep craving to go to the seaside! :)I loved the fairy tales scattered throughout the book like gems and the significance they held for Finn and how it helped him cope with life and loss - how fairy tales have this magical effect on us all. There were some heartbreaking moments in the book to [...]

    21. This was a sweet brother and sister story with a beautiful beach setting. All Ava and Finn want is their little beach hut, one last hoorah together before she leavs to travel places far and wide. Their tragic past stole much of their childhood, this is their last chance to claim some of it back. The obstacle in their plan is Donald and maybe the law. He just wants peace and something about these two spoiled beach bums gets under his skin. Donald too suffered great loss, but approaches they will [...]

    22. This book and I had our ups and downs. I'd really like it then I wouldn't. I skipped a whole (really long!) chapter of somebody's history primarily because I didn't like the direction it took and partly because I found it really boring, for some reason. It should have been fascinating but I justuldn't. I dunno.The ending was very unexpected. I mean, the reader kinda knows it's coming but it's further in the book before you even begin to suspect then BAM. It hits quick and hard and you're left ju [...]

    23. This book was mildly amusing, but I never really understood the point of anything in the story. I found the relationship between the brother and sister annoying and bizarre. I never saw the point of the father character other than just being a curmudgeon. The daughter also just seemed to occupy space. I kept waiting for something to happen, but I guess this is just one of those books where nothing happens.

    24. What an absolutely amazing wonderful book this is. Set in Cornwall, one of my favorite destinations. There was fun, tears, intrigue,bewilderment and many more emotions in this book. A definite page turner with some "open mouth" moments. I'd never heard of this author until now and she is now on my "Favourite" list .Thank you to Netgalley and Legend Press for letting me review this fabulous book xx

    25. I simply loved the characters, and the storyline caught me by surprise for a couple of times. The writer was able to twist everything into an original story, that was pleasant to read most of the time and itches at the right times.I received a free copy through Netglley in return for an honest review.

    26. An unusual, beautifully written story of life, love and secrets, set on the rugged North Cornwall coast. It is not your ordinary romance, although romance and yearning there is. I am happy to recommend this lovely book when it is published later in the year.

    27. A darkish Cornwall-set tale in which all the characters have something to hidewhen brother and sister Finn and Ava decide to set up camp for the autumn in a self-built beach hut, there are major repercussions for pub landlord Donald and his teenage daughter.

    28. Overall I enjoyed the story, it was well written and the characters were enjoyable on the whole. The ending was rushed though, too many what happened next questions were left for my liking. One of the main stories was concluded but pretty much everything else was left hanging. Bit disappointing.

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