Bound to You: Volume 2

Bound to You Volume Volume in this part serial Arrogant brooding domineering possessive dangerously handsome and a playboy These are all the characteristics on Rebecca Gellar s Run Like Hell list for men but sh

  • Title: Bound to You: Volume 2
  • Author: Vanessa Booke
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 178
  • Format: ebook
  • Volume 2 in this 3 part serial.Arrogant, brooding, domineering, possessive, dangerously handsome, and a playboy These are all the characteristics on Rebecca Gellar s Run Like Hell list for men, but she s about to meet a man who s the epitome of these and After breaking off her engagement with Hollywood actor Miles Storm, Rebecca is ready for a change of scenery in Volume 2 in this 3 part serial.Arrogant, brooding, domineering, possessive, dangerously handsome, and a playboy These are all the characteristics on Rebecca Gellar s Run Like Hell list for men, but she s about to meet a man who s the epitome of these and After breaking off her engagement with Hollywood actor Miles Storm, Rebecca is ready for a change of scenery in her life and in her bed So when the opportunity to work for StoneHaven Publishing, one of New York City s most respectable publishing empires, presents itself, Rebecca doesn t hesitate moving to the Big Apple Convinced she can show the owner of StoneHaven Publishing that she has the right stuff, Rebecca agrees to a six month trial as the personal assistant to the owner s playboy son, Nicholas StoneHaven This is her big chance If she can just get through these six months without strangling Nicholas with his Armani tie, she ll be okay easier said than done Nicholas is the last person Rebecca thought she d find herself pining for, especially when he hits every category on her list Get ready for a battle of the sexes All three volumes are now available.

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    One thought on “Bound to You: Volume 2”

    1. Finally I took the time to read the second part of this serial and it was a real roller-coaster-ride only not in a particular good way. What troubled me a little bit in the first part had an even stronger impact on this one. There were some scenes that simply were unrealistic to me, and I'm a sucker for that. If you don't care about that for the sake of drama and romance, you will definitely love this one even more than the first. But I can't.I even got close to rate this with two stars if Trist [...]

    2. I loved it!!! the way they got at it with each other is hilarious. the way it ended pissed me off. do authors get off on ending with those killer cliffhangers???? I need the next one now!!!

    3. Now that's a first I've just read both volume 1&2 in one day, and I'm genuinely surprised in a good way. Even though the first two are full of typos, I liked everything about them so much, that I now find myself craving for the third volume. The character of Rebecca is refreshing, instead of annoying, as SO many main female protagonists are in recent books I've read: she manages to walk the fine line between shy and playful, level-headed, but prone to craziness; and a huge point goes to the [...]

    4. I was very lucky to be gifted this book by the author for an honest review. If you liked BTY1 then you will love BTY 2. I was addicted to the book and could not put it down, I read it till the early hours and was left with a book hangover and a hunger for more, cannot wait for book 3. Nicholas is just as hot and cannot deny his need to have Rebecca. They are working in very close proximity to each other and both cannot deny the attraction. They both try to fight it, Becca doesn't want to fall fo [...]

    5. 4.5 Stars Finally Nicholas is understanding his feelings better and seeing him jealous and possessive punching left and right every man around Rebecca was totally sexy and funny, I understand very well why Rebecca is turned on by this behaviorI'm too :DLoved Tristan's plan and him as character, he's so alpha and funny, loved Carol's protectiveness toward her friend.I hated Alison, she's such a desperate bitch and Miles is a total asshole, coming with a ring and asking her to be back togetherke n [...]

    6. Full review is here: mybookfilledlifeAnother solid story in this e-serial, with Nicholas and Rebecca trying their best to fight their attraction to each other. We get a glimpse into Nicholas' past, he learns about Rebecca's ex, there's a job layoff that takes place, Nicholas' best friend Tristan has a plan to speed things along and there's a helluva cliffhanger. I can't wait to see how this will all wrap up.

    7. All three book are sort of short and that's probably why I managed to read them all in only one day. Call me crazy but I'm not married or I don't have kids and definitely that the reason why I'm capable of reading three books in one day. Now the second book was better then the first obviously. They both start to realize that what they feel about each other is not just plain sexual attraction. Tristan's plan was the best.I was so excited when all of that happen I just could wait to see what will [...]

    8. I was hooked to this trilogy from the first page of the first book! I read the first book in less than three hours and started reading this book right after. The story continues where the last book ended and let me say, things are starting to get interesting between Rebecca and Nicholas. A fantastic sequel and I’m looking forward to the last book in this amazing trilogy!Rebecca Gellar thought life would be simple once she moved to New York. That she’ll kick butt at her new job at StoneHaven [...]

    9. Bound to You 2 picks up right where Bound To You 1 left off , so make sure to read 1 first , Rebecca Gellar is starting her first day as Nicholas StoneHaven assistant , she has not see him since she knee him in the family jewels and left him howling in pain in the elevator. Their first encounter leaves her melting . “Ms. Gellar, welcome to StoneHaven Publishing.” My eyes follow his mouth as he pronounces each syllable with a mixture of elegance and authority. I hug my dress coat tightly agai [...]

    10. Being Nick's personal assistant is a struggle in itself, but throw in the crazy-sexed up attraction they both share and a minor hiccup and these two are close to exploding; Rebecca has her work cut out for her.Nick's is being forced into something that he wants no part of, but saying no just can't be done. He'll lose everything. But that doesn't stop his pursuit of Rebecca, even if he won't admit that pursing her is what he's doing. In an attempt to force her out of his life, he is bound to make [...]

    11. *Rebecca Gellar has started work for Nicholas Stonehaven on a temporary 6 month job as his PA. Nick does not want Becca as his PA as it is too tempting for him, so he sets out to make her quit by giving her silly boring mundane tasks. But Becca has made a vow to never sleep with Nick. Or any man with the same attributes and won’t let him scare her out of a job.However at a charity event which looked after Nick's brother whilst he was dying Nick becomes very low and gets drunk -Very drunk!!- Wh [...]

    12. I READ THIS AS A SET BOOKS 1-3 TOGETHER LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT !!I admit I had the first two books on my kindle and not a chance to read them so when I saw the tour I had to jump on it so I could make the time and finally dive in !! I was in love with Rebecca right away , YAY for CURVY girls !! I felt her pain and despair when her man tried to pull one on her and I was so thankful she was strong enough to ditch Miles and go for her dreams and start over in NY. Of course I knew she was going [...]

    13. I just finished Bound To You and I just freaking loved it. This is apart of the series so it is a must to read Volume 1 first but DAMN you just have no ideas, NONE on how quickly I got hooked on this. If you have followed the series then you know Rebecca is Nicholas assistant. They can't have each other and do what they can to stop anything from happening. YEAH RIGHT!!! That is so hard to do when there is so much sexual tension. You just have no idea how hot they are. It's forbidding. They have [...]

    14. Review for Bound to You Volume 2 (Millionaire’s Row) by Vanessa BookeBound to You is a serial type series that follows Rebecca and her desire for a fresh start and Nicholas as he finally figures out what it is he wants out of life even if it means losing everything. Ohmigod! Nicholas is sofa king hot. I mean package that man up and give him to me please!“She makes me feel like the only thing I need to survive this cruel f***ing world is the thought of being inside her, and right now, that’ [...]

    15. Right after the first part, I had to read the second because I was terribly curious as how Rebecca would react to her new and precarious situation. Nicholas Stonehaven acts like a cocky slaver towards her, but she never gives up. It was so funny and exciting to read about Nick's mission to rile her up. Eventually, working together starts to change their relationship as we get to know Nicholas a bit better. I liked that he as a shadow in his past. I don't like manwhores, but I tried to forgive hi [...]

    16. loved volume 2 things are getting harder for Nicolas to stay away from Rebecca and keep his feelings at bay. He can not deny her any longer nor can she deny her feelings for him they act upon them and then after an act of passion, Rebbeca hears Nicolas tell his 'fiance'" that Rebecca means nothing to him ( just to keep her away so she doesn't cause any problems) but this is NOT how Rebecca takes it and is extremely hurt by the words and heart broken Nicolas tries to explain this all to her, howe [...]

    17. As Nicholas and Rebecca interact more, Rebecca is as stubborn and determined as ever to keep her job and be professional. Easier said than done because Nicholas is struggling, too. He has a lot of stuff to deal with, Rebecca only being a fraction of the issues even if she consumes a large portion of his thoughts. Getting to know both Nicholas and Rebecca better in this volume was entertaining because they are both very persistent and frustrated by one another. It's kind of a cat and mouse game a [...]

    18. OK so i thought the first one was brilliant!!!!Well let me tell you the second one DOES NOT let you down.Again we follow the story of Rebecca and Nick.Rebecca is getting under Nicks skin and he's losing the control h has, but is loving it at the same time, but he knows he needs to scare her off as his dad has just made the decision of him Marrying some one else.Rebecca is trying the fight her attraction for Nicholas and Nicholas is just pushing her for his own attraction. Throughout the book you [...]

    19. Rebecca's a strong woman with a past, trying to get ahead in life and make a fresh start. Nicholas is the son of a publishing house owner and has had a marriage arranged for him to secure the companies investors but to a woman he does not love and who he really doesn't even like.Rebecca has to survive 6 months working for Nicholas so that she can be promoted with in the company. Rebecca and Nicholas are having trouble resisting each other and the spark that burns brightly for each other.Finally [...]

    20. Volume 2 picks up right where volume 1 leaves off so make sure you have read volume 1 first! Rebecca has to start her new job working for the rude, self centered, extremely good looking Nicholas StoneHaven if she ever wants to advance in the publishing world. The issue is she can't look at him just as the rude arrogant a$$wipe he his. He has her panties melting just by looking at her, and that doesn't make for good working conditions. The big issue is she has him sporting a set of blue balls jus [...]

    21. A fabulous continuation of the series!! There's lots of angsty sexual tension, but there's also a lot of fun moments in this series too. A really sexy battle of the sexes that I'm loving SO much!! Rebecca is a wonderfully feisty heroine who gives as good as she gets. I love that she's a real girl with curves & insecurities & yet she's fierce & sexy & doesn't take any of Nicholas' shit. Nicholas is the perfectly tortured alpha boss with a hint of darkness in past. We get more of N [...]

    22. Warning: Due to content, this book is intended for mature audiences (18+)An e-book was provided in exchange for an honest review. Volume 1 told us the backstory of Rebecca and what drove her to move thousands of miles away. Volume 2 of Vanessa Booke’s Millionaire’s Row series starts to reveal the back story of Nicholas StoneHaven. Millionaire, playboy, and heir apparent of StoneHaven Publishing, he is expected to do anything and everything to assure the continued success and profitability of [...]

    23. Rebecca and Nicolas have a strained work relationship. I mean how could they not Rebecca first met Nick on a plane and had the most amazing kiss of her life only to find out later he is engaged! Nick can’t stop thinking about Rebecca but knows he has to put her out of his mind because he is being forced to marry Alison for the good of the company. As things heat up between these two you can actually feel the steam coming off the pages. Though they try to stay apart they keep coming together ti [...]

    24. FUN AND SEXYThis was fun. So much happened in this book. Story picked up and Rebecca and Nicholas finally had sex YEEEYYYYEEYYYY!!!!!. There were scenes like in Timber when Nicholas best friend danced with Rebecca and how Nicholas reacted after seeing them made me love this book so much. I love how protective and territorial Nicholas is for Rebecca and how Rebecca fight him by yelling she is not his. They are so wild fire together. I hated when Nicholas made Rebecca hide under the desk when his [...]

    25. boundininkbooks.wordpressBound to You Volume 2 picks up right where Volume 1 left off and it's such a fun ride. Rebecca is getting more and more under Nicholas's skin and Rebecca is having a really hard time fighting off her attraction. I loved this second installment so much! Vanessa's writing is fantastic and I can't wait to see more from her. Volume 2 was amazing and we got to learn so much more about Nick and his past with his brother. The crazy ass errands Nick sent Rebecca on made me laugh [...]

    26. Nicholas has a problem, he is attracted to his new assistant but doesn't want to be. Rebecca just wants to survive 6 months working for Nicholas so she can move to another department at StoneHaven publishing. Of course, whenever they are in a room together, sparks fly, tempers flare and well funny things just tend to happen. Rebecca ends up as Nicholas' date to a fund raiser which leads to a stellar moment on the balcony and Rebecca having to rescue a very drunk Nicholas to avoid the press. The [...]

    27. 4.5 stars. Even better than Chapter 1. Now that the H/h know who each other is and are still both feeling the sexual chemistry between them, working together is becoming difficult. On top of that Daddy has "arranged" that his son is now going to marry the daughter of one of his big clients and will not take no for an answer. Son had a one night stand with the daughter (which he had frequently with lots of other women) but has no love for her and, besides, he's really developing big feelings for [...]

    28. I received a free copy of this book for an honest review~ 4.5 StarsSuch a FUN short and sweet and sexy story!Bound to You Vol. 2 is a SEQUEL, make sure you've read Bound to You Vol.1 already!!! Oh my, to be the assistant to the one your inner sex goddess wants, panty melting smiles, smirks, casual remarks ALL. THE. TIMEd to leave the uber hot n sexy playboy with blue jewelsoh, remember that her fiancée cheated on her? she can't forget, and now Nicholas, who by the way is engaged, is hitting on [...]

    29. Girl, you can write! It's an amazing story and with the confidence of Becca and the alpha-male attitude of Nick, and his s**tty past, this could have been a much more longer and a better written story with more details. I mean, I just wanted to know more about his family, and Emily and Tristan's relationship - you totally forgot about these in book 2.I felt sometimes you skipped some 'unimportant scenes', e.g. how Becca arrived home after the foundation event and sometimes I felt that the conver [...]

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