Up in the Air

Up in the Air Up in the Air The story of an ordinary young woman from Essex who became the face of Pan Am

  • Title: Up in the Air
  • Author: Betty Riegel
  • ISBN: 9781471112256
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback
  • Up in the Air The story of an ordinary young woman from Essex who became the face of Pan Am.

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    One thought on “Up in the Air”

    1. Betty Riegel was a working-class girl from Walthamstow who, without being particularly rebellious, wasn't really interested in the usual life of girls of her age and class. After a couple of years in an office job, she became a stewardess with a tiny charter airline. And then she got the plum job - stewardess with Pan Am, at a time when flying was glamourous and expensive, and Pan Am was the classiest of airlines.It was really quite fascinating to read how different air travel was in the 1960s - [...]

    2. I'm glad she was encouraged to write the book and that she was an independent women in the era when women married right out of high school. I believe there were probably more stories related to the cast and crew of characters on board and in the employ of Pan-Am that could have added to the book. There were pictures of 'holidays' of hers while on layover waiting for the next flight from an exotic location - but no scenarios to accompany the photos. But she was discrete and did a nice job.

    3. An enjoyable book. I like to read how one can achieve their dream, when the odds are against them.It was an eye opener to me, how the hostesses had to conform to the strict dress code, even down to the girdle. The meals they had to prepare whilst in flight is beyond imagination in today's aviation world. But the benefits, so rewarding to a young person wanting to see the world. "I wish"

    4. Call me old-fashioned, but I have always delighted in the idea of the glamorous and accomplished elegance of the original air stewardesses. It was a time when air travel was still something special and the experience was a little bit magic (for some of us it still remains so). Stewardesses were part of that enchantment, and not just because they were some of the most pioneering career women.Betty Riegel was one of those young women who made their way to the skies, flying for America’s most ren [...]

    5. Didn't expect this book which I picked up from a charity shop to be such a satisfying read. A great insight into how life used to be in the 1960s when air travel was only starting to become mainstream. How being an air stewardess (now called 'cabin crew' because 'stewardess' is not politically correct these days) used to be the most glamorous job for women in those days. How air travel used to be a luxurious mode of transportation where food was actually cooked on board. How there was almost no [...]

    6. I've read several of these career memoirs and often there's too much detail about the person's life outside their work and not enough about the job. This book gets the balance just about right. Setting the scene with the author's wartime childhood and early working life, she conveys her excitement and huge sense of achievement when she becomes a PanAm stewardess. This was a time when flying was a luxury, with first class passengers served seven course meals and even carriage class getting freshl [...]

    7. This is an interesting little book about working women in the beginnings of the jet age. I honestly never thought about reading this until I found myself sitting in Heathrow Airport in London, looking for something to read before I flew back to the States. It seemed perfect for a short flight from London: a book about a British stewardess's adventures in the air. I found this book to be entertaining, and to open up a view of modern history from a new perspective. I like seeing the hippie culture [...]

    8. Having been a fan of the TV series Pan Am, I couldn't resist Up in the Air when I found it on sale ($3). the book was written by ex-Pan-Am stewardess Betty Riegel, who at age 22 was on of 17 British girls picked from 1,000 to be interviewed to be a stewardess for Pan Am in the US. It is a fascinating read, and gives an in depth look at a life in the sky. I was amazed to discover the amount of cooking the girls had to do on the plane, sometimes preparing seven course meals! The book starts during [...]

    9. If you liked the recent "Pan Am" series, I would totally recommend this book. The author was a Pam Am stewardess at about the same time, and she mentions several of the plot points at various stages (as well as briefly touching on Frank Abagnale, the inspiration behind "Catch Me If You Can", who impersonated a Pan Am pilot). It's a fun, light read. I particularly liked that she included sections during her childhood in 1940s/1950s London, and her training at a small English airline, before she e [...]

    10. I found this book a very enjoyable light read which brought back memories of my father's stories about working for Pan Am in the 1960's. The author highlights how glamourous travel was then compared to the way travel is viewed today. The book has a naive quality to it which I found charming. I think anyone associated with Pan Am in the 1960's will enjoy the book.

    11. Jumping on the bandwagon of the (Ill fated) Pan Am TV series Betty Riegel highlights her journey as a Pan Am Stewardess in the 1960s. If you are interested in that profession, now the politically correct name of cabin crew or flight attendant, or you are in that job yourself this is a great insight into a by gone era of flying.

    12. A pleasant easy read. It did get a bit "samey" in regards to the structure of the text. It was a little bit "and then this happened" and "then that happened" so it did get a little predictable. However, it was a nice little insight into the days when it was seen as very glamorous to be an air stewardess.

    13. As someone who has an extreme fear of flying, I figured I'd give this book a go and see all the benefits of taking a flight on-board the worlds most famous airline. It was an easy and enjoyable read and gave a fairly decent perspective from a stewardesses point of view, although I do fear it was slightly biased. But all in all, a good book to pass time!

    14. Really interesting peek into the world of Pan Am, at a time when air travel was very much an experience for the more well heeled. Also fascinating to follow Betty's story and how things were for a career orientated woman in the 50s and 60s.

    15. This book is about an English lady who was working for the Pan America Airlines stewardess in 1960.I bought this book because I read 'Catch me if You Can' book previously.An easy book to read.

    16. An easy short read. As an ex hostie it was nice to reminisce, although my time wasn't as glamorous as Betty's. I'm not sure if I would have enjoyed it more or less if I hadn't been a flight attendant.

    17. An enjoyable read about the glamour and excitement of the early days of the jet age with an iconic airline.The Mad men of the skies.

    18. Like talking to your grandmother about her adventures! Interesting read and gives you a lot of insight into what life was like back then. Loved it.

    19. This was a sweet book that was easy to read. Betty's tales were heartwarming and a real insight into a life gone by.

    20. Meh. Schmeh. I'm not super interested in Pan Am or the 60s or fashion or this particular woman's friends. Why did I read this?

    21. I wish I could of travelled in the 60's , none of this ryanair rubbish that we have now , Flying was classy !!

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