Eirelan As Uinseann often says we must be content with life and love and the beauty of the Earth All the rest is dust in the wind Liadan Conmaicne Laigain Enter into a familiar world that is unfamiliar a fr

  • Title: Eirelan
  • Author: Liam O'Shiel
  • ISBN: 9781463569327
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Paperback
  • As Uinseann often says, we must be content with life and love and the beauty of the Earth All the rest is dust in the wind Liadan Conmaicne Laigain.Enter into a familiar world that is unfamiliar, a friendly world that is threatening, a world where honor and sacrifice are expected of all You will meet many wonderful people in this world, and some not so wonderful at As Uinseann often says, we must be content with life and love and the beauty of the Earth All the rest is dust in the wind Liadan Conmaicne Laigain.Enter into a familiar world that is unfamiliar, a friendly world that is threatening, a world where honor and sacrifice are expected of all You will meet many wonderful people in this world, and some not so wonderful at all Conor, Fethnaid, Oran, Liadan, Padraic, Mairin, Aideen, Uinseann, Bradaigh they travel a road unlike ours It is a dangerous road, yet one well worth exploring.In Eirelan you will live for two months with men and women, old and young, fighters and writers, poets and ship captains, who cannot take for granted that anything they treasure will survive another year, let alone be the inheritance of their children They dream of a life without fear and struggle They long for a life filled with love and family and friendships instead of bloodshed and loss and desperate undertakings The first of five books set in this time and place, Eirelan tells the story of a two month struggle for existence fought in the Province Year 999, also known as AD 3953.

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    One thought on “Eirelan”

    1. I approached Eirelan's near 800 pages with some trepidation. As a Member Giveaway win at LibraryThing I knew I would feel obligated to complete it and make an assessment, however it felt like a book I may be interested in and I hoped it wouldn't be a chore.I need not have been concerned; Eirelan is a fabulous page turner, epic in scope, beautifully crafted and skillfully structured to maintain the reader's attention.It takes an enormous leap of imagination though to pitch a story 4000 years in t [...]

    2. This review has been crossposted from my blog at The Cosy Dragon . Please head there for more in-depth reviews by me, which appear on a timely schedule.Eirelan is a land under constant attack. Wartime has forced thoughts of the family behind battle plans and wounds with no ending in sight. The characters battle for their survival with no real sense of the future being any brighter. This novel documents how the scales begin to tip, and life is even more on a daggar's edge.The perspective changes [...]

    3. Eirelan by Liam O’Sheil was a win Was attracted by the cover of this book – monochrome, A Celtic cross against a stormy sky above rolling waves. It looked mysterious, and I wanted to find out more.The Province of the twenty clans in Eireland (Ireland) is about to celebrate its millennium. It was founded in the old calendar year of 2954, so is set in 3954 – about 2,000 years into the future. Most stories of the future feature space travel and technology, but this story is very different. T [...]

    4. This was a book that I won from FirstReads and I appreciate the opportunity to review it.This was a truly epic read. I would have actually given this 4.5 stars but because it was so well written I rounded up to 5. This is the epic story set 1000 years after the Age of Machines in Ireland. The Twenty Clans are fighting for the very survival against clans to the north as well as enemies across the sea in Spain. This story is woven together, layer upon layer, and is filled with characters that are [...]

    5. As a fan of historical fiction, I found Eirelan to be an exciting, action packed novel unfolded during a future time but with parallels to the past.The book is filled with action and family dynamics. I eagerly anticipated each new chapter and what was to unfold.I am looking forward to the sequel.

    6. While I tend to stay away from books that are tipping towards 800 pages, I found the premise tugging at my heart so I picked it up. It took me a long time to read it and honestly, I found myself getting distracted. Sure, the sweeping narration and the characters were wonderful as I got transported to Eirelan. I think I would've enjoyed it better as two books. My Rating: 3.5 stars

    7. In full disclosure I won this book in a Good Reads Giveaway.Eirelan is a story set about 1800 years in our future. Due to some event, technology and society has fallen back to a pre-gunpowder era. It is mostly set in Ireland (or Eirelan as it is referred to in the book) although some parts do occur in Britain and the west coast of Europe. It follows several characters, most of whom know each other, and the struggles they face in an upcoming war against other factions of their world.This was a ve [...]

    8. First off, I interrupted my reading of this book with several family emergencies, and I always itched to get back. Second, I have the sequel (In the Bleak Midwinter) on my shelf waiting for me, and I am ready to dive in! Review will be posted on that one as soon as I am done.The unique premise of Eirelan: Ireland, around 2000 years after the collapse of the tech-forward civilization, has evolved into a low-tech, but not quite medieval society where people of the twenty Clans struggle against the [...]

    9. First, I will say that I enjoyed this book - I won it from a giveaway. It was one that involved many of my literary interests as well as good writing in general. In the past I have enjoyed many 'maritime' novels and of course the battle and adventure classics such as LOTR and Jules Verne's work. I believe Mr. O'Shiel did a fantastic job of creating a riveting plot and keeping interest on multiple lines, following multiple people and multiple areas. This book caught me a little off guard because [...]

    10. I won this book as part of a Firstreads giveaway.I must admit the 800 page book seemed like a daunting task. However, it didn't really feel like i was reading 800 pages (except for when i heft the book around). The concept of the story is interesting. Based around Ireland farther into the future than I can fathom, the people have gone from the Age of Machines back to the "olden" days of horse & bugging and sail/wind powered ships. The people of the Province live behind a wall and defend it [...]

    11. Set eighteen centuries into the future of Ireland, this is a well thought out lengthy work of possibility. It’s a future where war is commonplace and technology has regressed to sailing ships, bows, and swords; machines are nonexistent. The tale follows events in the Province of the Twenty Clans, a nation state in southeastern Ireland, and the fates of its leaders and their families. This portion of the province creed gives an insightful glimpse into their culture: “In our hearts we value ou [...]

    12. An excellent concept, but poor execution. I loved the idea of a future culture which had returned to the clan system and rejected technology. For someone who loves the Celtic culture of the Dark ages, the lure of a book which seemed to promise the rich lore and close family structures had a strong appeal for me.But the characters somehow felt flat in the face of the plot. I'm not afraid of a long book (it's almost 800 pages) if I find the characters engaging. Indeed, the length is a plus in such [...]

    13. First I have to tell you that I won this book through GoodReads First Reads Giveaways. Second, this review is all my own opinion!I was rather impressed by the cover and size of the book. A little intimidated too, I confess, but what a journey these page took me on! When I first got going with it, I was a little irritated by things that didn't make sense. As I got further engrossed in the story I discovered why. This book is set approximately 2000 years in the future! What a great idea! I like th [...]

    14. Eirelan had an interesting premise but I found that the story lagged too much, making it difficult not only to engage with the characters but also the entire point of the story (the goals of the characters, of who/why they're fighting, etc). Some of the story threads and characters piqued my interest but there's so much focus on the battle preparation/battle exposition/the waiting in between that I just lost my interest. Fans of military detail in fantasy or even historical fiction will enjoy th [...]

    15. I was luck to receive this book from first-reads.This book is set in the future - however people have forsaken technology, and so they live in times that look a bit like the Middle Ages. The story revolves around the war and its effects on the people surrounding it.The author has created some very lovable characters. Although the book is long in length, it doesn't feel as long at it is because each chapter is told from the perspective of a different character, which keeps the story fresh and giv [...]

    16. Thank you to Giveaways and author Liam O'Shiel for the first reads gift of Eirelan. I anxiously and graciously await the arrival of your book and look forward to reading and reviewing. Thank you. Reviews are ultimately solely subjective and I give this work of art a solid 4.5 stars. I do not give it a 5 but only because it is not my top genre. I really, really enjoyed the book.I think the author is brilliant. His character development leaves me completely satisfied and content. The action is gr [...]

    17. On second reading, Eirelan is even better! I reviewed this book for Foreword Reviews magazine and raved about it then, and my opinion hasn't changed. This a fresh, exciting science-fantasy novel (set in a post-apocalyptic Ireland, where else) with vivid characters, settings and lyrical writing. Its families are conflicted, their enemies are deadly, and the society created here prefers peace to war, but fights when needed. Oh look, stop reading this and go read THAT!!! All-women-crewed naval ship [...]

    18. I received my copy of this epic novel from GoodReads First Reads. I really enjoyed this book, and though I had to be satisfied reading it in installments because of my personal time constraints, it kept me completely involved and interested despite the length and scope of the story. We seem to be on a track of quick reads and short attention span storytelling, so this novel is a welcome throwback to a true reader's time of long well written novels.

    19. *Good Reads Contest Winner*Pros: Great story, likeable noble characters, great action sequences, great premise.Cons: PacingThis is a very cool premise that is easy to get sucked into thanks to likeable and fleshed out characters in whom you actually become invested. The only drawback I would warn against is that the pacing sometimes suffers, becomes slow and plodding due to this character development and unevenly distributed action sequences. Overall, I recommend this book.

    20. Thank you to , the author, et. al for the "first-reads" copy of this book.Unfortunately, this one wasn't for me. The book is well written, just a little too slowly paced for my liking. In addition, I never got the sense of the "overwhelming odds" being faced here. All of the heroes were just a little too perfect in their battle skill, seamanship, oratory talents to really give any sense that anyone would die or fail.

    21. I'm not usually a fan of sagas and began this book with some trepidation. However, it has held my attention from page to page and I can hardly put it down! One thorn in this bouquet of roses, however - the book is full of grammatical errors or omissions. These are annoying distractions from my total immersion in, and concentration on, the flow of the story. I hope that the sequel is better edited.

    22. I can't wait to read this book, as the plot and characters sound great and it's a really nice thick book. I just received it in the post, and it looks like an awesome read. As soon as I finish my current book, probably tomorrow night. I will be reading this!Just thought I'd let you all know.Thanks from Caz

    23. I found this book interesting, some parts quite so. The storytelling didn't captivate me as I suspected it would considering the subject matter and settings. Sometimes I find that writers know and love their own characters so much that they can't always translate that to their readers. While I liked this, it didn't stay with me, but different people like different things.

    24. I really enjoyed this. An unusual setting (in the future but following the collapse of technology, back to hroses and carts and sailing ships). Wouldn't say it was a classic but well enough written to beleive the characters and the plot.Not seen any other books by this author but will keep looking.I read it in e-book format and it was well presented.

    25. I won this on a book giveaway and I was a little apprehensive at first. But after I got into it, I was hooked. The lives of several different people, all connected in some way yet separate in their own right was enough story to immerse me into the world of Eirelan.This book is beautifully written, in my opinion and I definitely can not wait for the next one now.

    26. Eirelan is the well told story about the people of The Province, trying to survive attacks of other groups in a post-apocalyptic world. Liam O'Shiel has created a fascinating world and interesting characters, without magic, or strange races of men. The book seems daunting at 800 plus pages, but the story is so well told that the time passes all too quickly.

    27. Obligatory: I received a review copy of Eirelan from .Lyrical writing, adventure, friendship, a war. This is a lovely read.Better review to come - I just finished finals week and my brain is running out my ears.

    28. I stopped reading this book over a year ago. Upon picking it up again, I found I still remembered all of the main characters and plot lines. This is really unusual. I'm in a library, surrounded by books I know I've read, but which left no imprint upon my memory.

    29. Took close to forever to read, but it was worth it. Intriguing premise, varied ensemble cast, emphasis on love and friendship in the midst of darkness what more could one want? Eagerly awaiting the sequel.

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